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Megaman is the leading name in LED lighting & offers one of the most extensive range of LED Lighting Solutions on the market. We are product to offer such a high quality range of LED products including bulbs, spotlights, LED Panels, floodlights & more. As an official reseller of Megaman products, we bring the very best Megaman products at the best prices.

Megaman LED Bulbs

Megaman LED Bulbs have quickly become the industry standard, and the bulb to which all others are compared. This drive for quality has made Megaman one of the leading lighting product manufacturers in the world. At, we’re proud to stock a stunning range of top quality products.

What Types of Megaman LED Bulbs Are Available?

Here at, we stock around 12+ different Megaman product lines, each containing their own set of top quality variations in size & wattage meaning we stock hundreds of different Megaman bulbs.

Our most popular products would be from the Megaman GU10, MR11, Downlights & Integrated Downlights range. However, we also stock a wide range of outdoor lighting solutions, golf ball & traditional led bulbs. Whatever bulb you need, you’re sure to find one online.

What Makes Megaman LED Bulbs The Best?

There are many brands that create LED Bulbs; But none can make bulbs that perform so well for the relatively low cost of Megaman. LED Bulbs are always more expensive at the initial purchase but save you money over their life span, which is considerably longer.

Traditional incandescent bulbs work by converting electrical current into heat through a filament, this heating of the filament is what produces light. In this process, however, a great deal of heat is wasted and therefore the cost of use of each bulb is considerably higher than it needs to be. LED Bulbs do not produce this amount of wasted heat and therefore require less energy to produce the same amount of light as standard bulbs.

How to Install Megaman LED Bulbs

Most LED Bulbs are simple to install. The majority of our Megaman LED range can be simply screwed into your existing fittings and you are good to go! The process is a little more tricky when installing dimmer switches as the switch itself must be compatible with the bulb you are installing. Adding a dimmable led bulb to an existing dimmer switch can be problematic.

If you’re in any doubt on how to install LED Bulbs into your existing property or which LED Bulbs you’ll be needing; Our friendly team is on hand to assist. We have many years of experience with LED Bulbs, give us a call for more information.

Megaman Products @

We’re proud to stock such a stunning range of LED Bulbs from such a well respected brand such as Megaman. Take a look at our range online today. If you’re not sure which bulb would be best for you, check out our handy buying guide, or call our team today for more information.