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If you’re serious about Home Automation; You need LightwaveRF. Allowing complete control over all elements of electrical processes in your home is something that LightwaveRF takes very seriously. With this range, you can monitor power consumption, change lighting scenarios, customise your heating all with the help of the LightwaveRF Link for a competitive price. Take a look at the range below or speak to a member of our team for more information on how to get the best out of your LightwaveRF Home Automation System.

LightwaveRF Products from

LightwaveRF offer a range of products that can be used to control the lighting, power and heating in your home. You can wirelessly and remotely operate these products directly from your Android, iPhone, or Smart Device using the LightwaveRF Link (JSJSLW930) and App. This now means that you can control the functions of your home or office from anywhere you are. LightwaveRF is also compatible with the Amazon Echo meaning you can use Alexa to control your devices with your voice.

How Easy Is It to Set Up LightwaveRF Sockets?

Setting up LightwaveRF sockets is a relatively straight forward process. You will have to remove your existing plug sockets, removing wiring and reconnecting to the new LightwaveRF Socket, ensuring that whenever you do any work with electrical cabling you turn off mains power BEFORE you commence unscrewing the existing sockets. Configurations of cabling can vary on a house-to-house basis so if you are unsure of any step of the process, please do consult a qualified electrician. Click here to take a look at this video from Lightwave for a step by step walkthrough:

How to Install LightwaveRF Link?

LightwaveRF Link is easy to install and use. Simply connect your LightwaveRF Link box to your router via ethernet cable, download the companion app for your phone or tablet and you are good to go! Pairing smart sockets & devices in the app is a simple process and once complete, you can control power outlets at the tap of the screen whether you’re at home or away. For a step-by-step guide, click here to check out this video from Lightwave:

LightwaveRF Products from

The LightwaveRF 400 Series of dimmer switches are a modern alternative to your traditional light switches and are available in a variety of finishes like chrome, white and stainless steel. They can control up to 4 separate circuits in a room and are configured for simple and easy installation. On our site you can also find a wide range of bulbs, including brands such as Philips and Megaman, which are compatible with the LightwaveRF switches.