USB Wall Sockets: What are the Benefits?

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USB Wall Sockets: What are the Benefits?

While they may seem like a luxury feature of your upmarket hotel room, USB sockets are cheap and easy to install in your own home. But why would you want to? Are there any actual benefits to having a USB socket over the standard ones you already have installed? Read on to learn more!

Image of a dual socket with USB ports

What is a USB socket?

A USB Wall Socket is like a normal wall socket with 1 or more 3-pin plug holes, but with the addition of 1 or more USB sockets too.

They’re a great choice for a wide range of applications, as the USB socket allows for the 3-pin plug to be left empty. They can add more power points in an older home trying to keep up with modern technology, or simply breathe a modern touch into a home renovation.

Are USB sockets better than normal sockets?

We think so! They allow you to easily streamline your device charging and ditch bulky adaptors. Rather than doing a daily dance of prioritising what gets to be plugged in, you can have multiple devices receiving power (generally doubling the capacity of each socket).

Most small devices will even charge more quickly than when plugged in with an adaptor (up to 40%!).

Are USB sockets safe?

There is no change in safety between a normal 3-pin wall socket and a USB wall socket. They have to conform to the same BS 1363 safety standard, meaning that you can install them with confidence that you’re not introducing a hazard into your home.

In many USB sockets the USB port is continually powered, unlike a 3-pin plug which can be switched off. However, the draw when nothing is plugged in is limited to 0.5W, and the only danger posed by this would also be a danger for a 3-pin plug (wet hands or metal objects).

How expensive are USB sockets?

It depends what you’re looking for! As with most things, the price can vary dramatically depending on brand, finish, size, etc.

Here at LED bulbs, the cheapest USB socket we stock is the MLA Knightsbridge Curved Edge 13A 1 Gang Socket With USB Charger - CU9903 for £7.75 (or the 2 plug equivalent for £10.75).

On the other end of the spectrum, the MLA Knightsbridge 13A 2 Gang DP Socket With Dual USB Fastcharge Brushed Chrome W/Black Insert - SFR9909BC is £38.95.

You will also need to arrange professional installation of your new sockets, otherwise they could be a danger to you and to your home. Depending on the area you live, how many sockets you want changing, and any complications, this service could cost anywhere from £80 to £200.