Smart Ways to Secure Your Home

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With the nights drawing in, home burglaries will be on the rise. The highest number of home burglaries take place in the winter months, with January being the worst month. Did you know? Home burglaries have increased by 26% over the past 5 years. With this in mind, we’ll look at some of the best ways to protect your home.

Video Doorbells

Probably one of the most popular smart security devices, video doorbells are a great way to keep an eye on your home while you’re away or asleep.

They work brilliantly just as a simple deterrent, as potential criminals immediately know that they’re on camera, but they’re also a handy tool to speak with delivery drivers and other visitors.

What’s more, you can record and store high quality video footage that may be useful in future.

Build a Smart Home Security System

You can add as much or as little to your home security system depending on what you feel you need or your budget allows. From simply just open/close sensors on each door and window, all the way up to a full set of cameras both inside and out, you can fully customise your system to suit your needs.

Here at LED Bulbs we recommend the following set up:

  • A smart doorbell on the front of your home
  • A CCTV camera with night vision or floodlights on the back of your home
  • Sensors that detect when doors and windows are opened and closed on at least every door and downstairs window (you might consider putting these sensors on windows overlooking a flat roof too)
  • At least 1 indoor camera, ideally placed downstairs
  • Motion sensors in all rooms (excluding bathrooms) where there is not a CCTV camera

All of these smart features and more are available here at LED Bulbs from our brand partner ESP.

Smart Locks

We’ve all come back to our home to find the door we thought we locked was actually open all day. While most of us get through this mistake unscathed, a shocking 76% of burglaries in 2021 were committed by people simply walking in through the front door (10% of successful break-ins were because the criminal had found lost keys).

Fitting a smart lock system means that you never have to worry about this again. You can set rules for the lock to engage when you leave your home, and you can even lock or unlock it from your phone.

You’ll also never need to change the locks when you’ve lost your keys, as there are no keys to lose!