Lighting Ideas by Room

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When looking how to light your home, it can be a more complex decision than you think. Different light temperatures can evoke different moods, and different lighting arrangements can create ambiance.

Living room:

Your living room is primarily used for relaxing in the evening, so ideally you’d be looking to use a warm white bulb in your overhead light.

You can further enhance this relaxation by adding lamps. A stylish standing lamp in one area of your room and an additional desk lamp on the coffee table can create a really comforting atmosphere.

If you want to take it a step further you can heighten your TV or gaming. Striplights can be cut to size and attached behind your TV or monitor to add atmosphere and expand your screen. You can even buy special adaptors that directly mimic the colours being displayed on your screen!

Dining room:

In a dining room you’re primarily going to be eating, of course. So a cool white light is a great choice.

For extra style we love to create a statement with a pendant bulb light fitting – for example the 4Lite 3-Way Circular Pendant creates a stylish centrepiece. The strings could even be mounted individually for a unique style to fit your space.

You’re less likely to find use for lamps in a dining room, but some people may like to add a simple desk lamp to a shelf or sideboard. In this case we’d recommend using a warm white bulb as this is more likely to be turned on as accent lighting in the evenings.


The most efficient way to get even lighting in your kitchen is by using cool white spotlights. Cool white lighting increases productivity so is perfect for a space where you’re likely to spend most of your time cooking.

If you have a breakfast bar you can create ‘zones’ in your room effectively by using pendant lighting here too. As breakfast bars tend to be longer than they are wide, we would cover this space with a bar group like the 4Lite 3-way Bar Pendant.

Home office:

Similarly in your kitchen, you want your home office to be a place that promotes productivity. We recommend a daylight bulb in your office. A daylight bulb is great if you work with colours as it doesn’t cause them to appear differently, and it can even help to minimise the effects of Seasonal Effective Disorder.

As well as this, safe desk setup recommends that you try to reduce screen glare as this can cause eye strain and headaches. If you’re not able to angle your screen away from the light, you could try a 50 Watt bulb. It will be perfect to light up your room but less likely to cause glare.


Similarly to how you want to create comfort in your living room, warm lights are the best option for your bedroom. The blue tinge in a cool white light is more likely to cause you issues relaxing and falling asleep.

Bedside lamps are also an effective way to minimise light levels and promote tiredness, especially if you like to read before bed.

If you want to step things up a notch, we love to use a smart bulb in our bedrooms. This way you can have warm light in the evening to make you sleep, and cool light in the morning to wake you up. You’re also able to dim lights to the perfect levels, and if you buy an RGB light you can easily create moods.

Garden lighting:

Outdoor lighting can create a gorgeous effect in your garden, as well as be a helpful tool to deter criminals.

Solar spike lights can outline a path or area of your garden, creating light without needing to be connected to the mains power. Similarly, wall lights can be mounted to illuminate pathways or the front of your home.

Flood lights with a PIR sensor are what will help to prevent crime. They sense movement in a certain area and automatically turn on. This means criminals no longer feel safe conducting their activities as they can be easily seen.






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