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Philips is one of the most famous brands in the lighting industry. Cutting edge technology meets contemporary style all in an affordable package. The most popular range of Philips lighting products are the Philips GU10 LED Bulbsrange. We're proud to be an official stockist of Philips LED Lighting products. Shop our selection online or contact our dedicated customer services team for more information.

Philips LED Bulbs

Philips LED Bulbs offer top quality lighting performance without the scary price tag. Thanks to their market leading design quality, the life-span of your Philips LED bulb can be over 15x times longer than comparable halogen bulbs. Whether you need kitchen, bathroom or general light bulbs; The Philips range from has you covered.

Superior Design Quality

LED Bulbs are capable of impressive energy & money saving results thanks to their heat reducing design. With halogen bulbs, a large portion of energy used to create light is wasted as heat. With LED bulbs, their integrated heat sinks are capable of reducing heat to such low levels that they waste fifteen times less power than halogen bulbs.

Philips LED Bulbs are the pinnacle of LED Lighting build quality & technology. They have taken the classic LED Technology & refined it to make their range a favourite for residential & commercial properties across the globe.

Wide Range of Shapes & Styles

Philips LED Bulbs are available in a wide range of shapes with varying bases for installation in any environment in the home, office or commercial premises.

Philips GU10 LEDs are most often found in residential kitchens & bathrooms. The recommend colour temperature for these rooms are cool white or daylight, but the Philips range offers temperatures from Very Warm White through to Cool-White, so you can find the perfect lighting environment for you and your home.

We also offer a range of attractive Philips LED Candle Bulbs. These LED bulbs are designed for exposed lighting installations where the bulb will be visible such as living rooms, dining rooms & bedrooms. These rooms are different when it comes to lighting temperatures and as such, our range of Philips LED Candle bulbs are fully dimmable, so you can change the lighting environment to suit your mood with ease.

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Philips are one of the most easily recognisable names in the world of home electronics. The Philips range of lighting products is one that has been at the forefront of home lighting for decades and the range here at features the most cutting edge in home LED lighting. Shop the range online now!